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Wednesday, August 14th, 2002
3:30 pm - and the other day..
I've told almost everyone I see all the time about this dream already, but I'll record it here too. So I don't forget. It's pretty amusing to me.

My friend Jason came to visit me from Maine and we were all hanging out in my room. But it was my room from my old house. So anyway, we randomly decided that we should probably make out for a while, but neither of us could remember how. We got frustrated, and Jason suggested we go to get NAD's birthday presents for him instead of trying to remember.

So, we went to this place that was like Wal Mart only less brightly-lit. It reminded me of the Penny's that we used to go to in Tennessee, or something. So we went to the ninja section, and got him a grappling hook and several other ninja-themed things. (Yeah, ninjas are big in my dreams lately. Zany.) I got really excited because I knew NAD needed new ninja gear for Ninja School, which he was starting in the fall.

After that, Jason dropped me off at my highschool for some reason. When I got there, they were rehearsing for a play that we hadn't rehearsed for in over 6 months, so no one knew the lines any more. The director decided we were probably prepared enough and informed us that there was an audience of 600 people on the other side of the curtain, and we had 8 minutes to get into costume. I was pissed off, but luckily my parts weren't until the 8th act. Veh.

I had three parts. I was a little mouse with a singing part, and Little Bo Peep AND her Sheep. I never got to be the mouse because they cut that scene at the last minute because the set caught on fire and we couldn't use it. So I put on the Bo Peep/Sheep costume, which was gigantic and very very cumbersome.

When it was my turn to be on, I didn't know ANY of my lines, because as I said we hadn't rehearsed in a billion years. My friend Aimee and I got out there and sort of huddled and decided to instead sing a song and dance. Our song was, 'IIIII QUIT! I QUIT! IQUITIQUITIQUIT! I QUIT, I MOTHERFUCKING QUIIIIIIIIT!!' and we got a standing ovation.

After the play was 'over' we were on a bus home, and Aimee and I were happily recalling how great we were. The entire cast jumped us and beat the crap out of us for ruining their play. Then I woke up.

It was so completely strange.

current mood: amused


3:14 pm - i dreamed last night..
..that I was in highschool, and I had this awful teacher. He was slowly seducing every female member of our class. He ended up raping several of them, but none of them wanted to tell anybody because he was terrifying.

One of the girls, who was a very close friend of mine in the dream, suddenly disappeared without a trace. I knew in my heart that he had killed her, but I needed to prove it.

After a while he started hitting on me, and buying me stuff and giving me parts in the school play.. and I figured it was a good oppurtunity to prove that he had killed my friend.

For some reason, I ended up at a strange indoor flea market that had primarily goth/punk oriented stuff. There were all kinds of pretentious goth girls running around, so I quickly bought some 'goth' clothes and dressed up like that. I was 'undercover' as I very loudly informed a couple of my friends.

I bumped into the teacher as I had expected for whatever reason and he was like, 'Lovely clothing, Robin. Let's go someplace quiet.' so he took me to his car. My friends 'Ninja' (who was really Shawn Creeden), SACK, Ryan and Jay followed close behind us and when he started to make his move on me, the four of them jumped him. I found my friend's wallet in the back of his car, and we called the police. He pulled out a gun and shot at me five or six times, but didn't hit me at all.

Then we went through the trial process and stuff.. It was really long, complicated and entirely bizarre.

For some reason it all seemed really familiar. Like I've dreamt it before or something, but I don't know why. It was way more organized and linear than most of my dreams. Usually they're all over the place.. But this one followed a theme all the way through. I'll probably try to make it into a story sometime. Marh.


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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002
3:14 pm - flushing parts - beware, this is disgusting.
You may not want to read this. It includes severing of toes and other such lovely things. If so, continue.

zing..Collapse )

current mood: contemplative


Monday, October 22nd, 2001
3:22 am - better left undreamed.
There's this girl I used to know, and she sucks. And she's essentially the bane of my existence. And I've been dreaming about her nonstop.

But it's creepy, because in the dreams she's so nice, and not conniving, and she really just wants to make everyone like her and stuff. And they do. (That part was realistic anyway.)

It's just making me so loopy because it's causing me to remember a bunch of the stuff from that time in my life that I'd rather forget.

But anyway, in these dreams, we always start off on a school bus. The girl's wearing what she always used to, and she looks like a damned hippie. (Because she is.) She always asks me if I want to go hang out at her house wtih her, and we end up going there, and playing with her cat and watching Unico.

Then we have these stupid deep conversations that don't make any sense when I wake up.

It so bothers me because she's one of the only people in the world who I have frequently wished death upon. What's the deal? Bleh.

current mood: annoyed


Thursday, September 27th, 2001
11:11 pm - weirdness abounds.
Well, I've been dreaming a whoooole lot lately. It's mostly terrifying dreams that I have trouble falling asleep after. Mostly about the car wreck and highschool.

I dunno. It's weird and nerve-wracking.

I've been sleeping about 4 hours, and waking up and doing stuff, and then I can't get back to sleep. And when I finally do, I have nightmares. It's so awful. Bleh. Maybe I need to get a sleepy study done. Too bad I's po'.

Ah, dammit. This has turned out to be less about dreams and more about bitching. ;)

current mood: sleepy

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Thursday, April 19th, 2001
3:57 am - cats that are not mine.
The last couple of nights I've dreamt that I've heard cats scratching, and I've rolled over in bed to find that NAD is there, informing me that he needs to use the bathroom.

Several moments pass, and I hear him screaming, and I run into the bathroom, and several cats are attacking him. None of the cats are or ever have been mine.

Then I end up at this weird trailer park.

I don't know.. both nights that I've had this dream, I've been terribly afraid to go back to sleep. I don't know if it's because I fear for Dan, or if it's just one of those weird psychological hangups. I don't know.. Anyway.

I'm going to bed.

current mood: exhausted


Tuesday, March 27th, 2001
4:07 am - Yaniv.
Yaniv has the 'I-Can't-Hit-Anything' dreams, too. I wonder how common they are in general..

current mood: curious


Thursday, March 8th, 2001
2:38 am - scattered and confusing.
My dreams have been so unorganized lately.. when I've dreamt at all. In almost every one I end up falling in love with people I don't know at all. That's always a really strange feeling..

And then there have been the violent ones.. Occasionally I dream that I have to fight some sort of evil force, but when it comes down to it I can't strike them or destroy them. Lately that's changed. I'm actually able to hit people with my fists. Even the occasional weapon. That probably doesn't sound spectacular to anyone, but it feels like some sort of breakthrough..

I'm not really sure what any of this means, but I don't remember any of my dreams lately, but I wanted to update. Tra la!

current mood: sleepy

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2001
4:59 am - I remembered! New house and school anxiety!
I basically just had this really long dream about moving to a new house. That in itself isn't so strange, since we're actively persuing a new house to buy. The weird thing is that in order to move, I had to pass this test at school which was really a project that I did with my friend Kathy from middle school. This is odd because A. I haven't been in school for going on three years, and B. Kathy and I didn't know each other barely at all in highschool. But anyway, the project went really well on the dry run, but when we had to present it Kathy was late, the key props were all missing, we couldn't find our clothes, and she forgot all of her lines. I got really really mad because it wasn't my fault that all that stuff had happened; The props had been locked in a 'reliable' teacher's room, our clothes had been safely locked in our locker, and I knew all of my lines. I freaked out and started crying because I would not only have to repeat the year in school, but I wouldn't be able to move into my new house. Eventually, it ended up that the teachers had totally loved our project anyway, and I got to move in.

The house was really cool, but the creepy thing about it was that there was a huge corn field in the back that belonged to the people whose property was next to ours, and there was always this weird little girl peeking out from the edge of the field, and whenever we'd call to her or try to go and talk to her, she'd vanish.

Yeah. The last part was really sort of out there in the middle of nowhere in my mind, too. That's why I tacked it onto the end. ;)

Anyway, that was that. It was a pretty basic school-anxiety dream that I tend to have a lot. It's a huge recurring theme for me.. I read somewhere that when you have a lot of dreams about failed projects in school and stuff when you didn't technically finish school, it means you're not okay with that completely. Maybe my brain is screaming at me for not finishing highschool, and not going onto college. Ah well. SHUT UP BRAIN! I'll go to college when I can! And stuff. Yeah.


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2:48 am - Zoom?
Sigh. I forget which dream I was going to share. Ah well.

current mood: bitchy


Thursday, February 1st, 2001
3:11 am - Underdark vs. Oversun. (Probably boring to everyone but me.)
This was a really cool dream, actually. I love it when my dreams have really developed stories or whatever. I'm guessing my brain ganked 'underdark' from the novels featuring the lovely place, but it was entirely different.

For the most part, it happened in the town where my southern family lives. Specifically the street where my grandparents live, their house, their yard, and the entire area miles beneath that. There had been some sort of dimensional shift or something, and my grandparents' basement, for several years, had been the portal to the other side, or the Underdark. My grandfather befriended the people that lived in the Underdark which were very much like humans, only they had pale blue skin and gem-coloured hair instead of 'natural' colours. This is strange because my grandfather is the biggest xenophobe/racist I've ever met in my entire life. But I digress.

My grandfather, who in the dream was a dentist and a tinkerer of sorts, decided it was time for me to meet his friend Grendel, who was one of the underdark people. We packed up all kinds of weird trinkets and headed into the basement, and he showed me a door that I had never noticed before. There was this really long, damp, labyrinth-y staircase leading down to someplace that smelled like sulfur and berries. When we got to the bottom, we had to turn off all of our lights because any lights at all disturbed the underground people.

I got to know them and all that crap, and then the dimensions started to melt and twist, so I had to go to this center of the worlds or something, and kill the evil bad guy person to settle the shifting. I wish I could think of the words to describe how damn cool the process of getting there and fighting the wizardy guy was, because it was just really amazing. It was like I was walking through mud, and the air was made of mud too, but it was clear. So the air had sort of congealed or something.. And I was trying to walk fast enough to outrun this guy and find a place to hide and plot, but he was right behind me, seemingly not affected by the thickness of the air and ground.

Back in the underdark, my grandfather and cousins and random underdarkians were casting these weird colour spells that were supposed to help me out, but they weren't strong enough to transcend the whole dimensional tap dance. I could see the colours lingering in the air around me, and it was like the feeling you get right before it snows.. That sort of electric static-y feeling in the air. I could tell they were trying to help, and it totally inspired me. So I swung around and hit the evil guy in the forehead with this bucket I was carrying that had a Furby, a hood ornament, and a slinky in it. I don't know where I got the bucket, or why those things were in it, but it took care of him.

It would be cool if it had been a more elaborate slaying, I guess. But hell, it did the job. ;)

So anyway, then I went back to the underdark and everyone cheered and crap, and I woke up. It was like winning a video game, and actually liking the ending. That's the feeling I got from it. If that makes any sense.

There was a LOT more that happened, but it sort of came back to me after I wrote all the other stuff, and I don't feel like going back. This is probably boring enough anyway. ;) Yeah. The end!


2:48 am - Pilgrimage to Jenna.
Okay, so this dream was a couple of days ago, but that's okay. I sort of haven't had much time to relate the wackiness. I shall do so now.

My store closed due to legal trouble (which is a good possibility within the next couple of years) and I decided to go to London on a pilgrimage to Jenna Jameson's house. I don't think she really lives there, but hey, it was a dream. Anyway, for some reason I had to trek through Japan to get there and all kinds of wacky stuff happened. I tried to get into this restaurant there and the two bouncer guys (which were really small Japanese guys wearing pink tuxes) wouldn't let me in because I was 'as the french say, "tres dorky"' or something, but they said it in a really heavy Japanese accent. But I busted through and met up with these other pilgrims, and we went shopping at Japan's biggest Hello Kitty Home Furnishing Outlet. For some reason we all broke out into this stunning song all about Hello Kitty that I think probably doesn't exist. And then several members of my pilgrimage party died in some flood and I was suddenly in London.

And Jenna owned an adult video store. I was hired on the spot.

Then for whatever reason, it flashed forward to me applying at a third adult shop somewhere near here. This place was like 'deluxe' or something. They had an entire bachelor party area on the top floor with a pool and shit like that. I dunno.. It was weird. I remember something about the bathrooms, but I'm not sure what about them.

There were cats, too.

I guess the dream itself wasn't so strange.. But when I woke up, I was totally drained. My legs and knees ached like they would if I walked like, a mile or something. They were all crampy and stuff. That sucked a whoooole lot. Yeah, that's all. Woo.

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Tuesday, January 30th, 2001
2:53 am - Just like it was tomorrow.
This is my 'dream journal' and stuff. I don't know how often I'll update it, but it's better than having to listen to me babble incoherently about my dreams for hours. You can just come here if you're interested. I'll try to use the subject line well. ;) I think that's all for now. I'll probably write tomorrow sometime. Byebye.

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