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I remembered! New house and school anxiety!

I basically just had this really long dream about moving to a new house. That in itself isn't so strange, since we're actively persuing a new house to buy. The weird thing is that in order to move, I had to pass this test at school which was really a project that I did with my friend Kathy from middle school. This is odd because A. I haven't been in school for going on three years, and B. Kathy and I didn't know each other barely at all in highschool. But anyway, the project went really well on the dry run, but when we had to present it Kathy was late, the key props were all missing, we couldn't find our clothes, and she forgot all of her lines. I got really really mad because it wasn't my fault that all that stuff had happened; The props had been locked in a 'reliable' teacher's room, our clothes had been safely locked in our locker, and I knew all of my lines. I freaked out and started crying because I would not only have to repeat the year in school, but I wouldn't be able to move into my new house. Eventually, it ended up that the teachers had totally loved our project anyway, and I got to move in.

The house was really cool, but the creepy thing about it was that there was a huge corn field in the back that belonged to the people whose property was next to ours, and there was always this weird little girl peeking out from the edge of the field, and whenever we'd call to her or try to go and talk to her, she'd vanish.

Yeah. The last part was really sort of out there in the middle of nowhere in my mind, too. That's why I tacked it onto the end. ;)

Anyway, that was that. It was a pretty basic school-anxiety dream that I tend to have a lot. It's a huge recurring theme for me.. I read somewhere that when you have a lot of dreams about failed projects in school and stuff when you didn't technically finish school, it means you're not okay with that completely. Maybe my brain is screaming at me for not finishing highschool, and not going onto college. Ah well. SHUT UP BRAIN! I'll go to college when I can! And stuff. Yeah.

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