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better left undreamed.

There's this girl I used to know, and she sucks. And she's essentially the bane of my existence. And I've been dreaming about her nonstop.

But it's creepy, because in the dreams she's so nice, and not conniving, and she really just wants to make everyone like her and stuff. And they do. (That part was realistic anyway.)

It's just making me so loopy because it's causing me to remember a bunch of the stuff from that time in my life that I'd rather forget.

But anyway, in these dreams, we always start off on a school bus. The girl's wearing what she always used to, and she looks like a damned hippie. (Because she is.) She always asks me if I want to go hang out at her house wtih her, and we end up going there, and playing with her cat and watching Unico.

Then we have these stupid deep conversations that don't make any sense when I wake up.

It so bothers me because she's one of the only people in the world who I have frequently wished death upon. What's the deal? Bleh.
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