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flushing parts - beware, this is disgusting.

You may not want to read this. It includes severing of toes and other such lovely things. If so, continue.

Ugh. So, I was having this dream. In it, my grandmother's toe got severed for some reason, and I told her I'd help her sew it back on. So I got out my sewing kit, and told her that this was the same kit Nyssa had used to sew her hand.

I then grabbed her toe, which appeared as though it had been soaking in water for a couple hours, and started to fit it to her foot. I decided it didn't look right, so I went and got this huge sealed box I kept under my bed. Inside were various sizes of toes, a few noses, a hand or two, a couple of feet, parts of legs and arms, and a cat that I was 'building.' The cat was all talking to me and asking me when I was going to finish stuffing it with polyfill because it was starting to get hungry. I told it as soon as I could find the polyfill. Then it looked at me all sad, so I put down the toe and started to look fir the filling crap.

I finally found it, and sewed the cat back up, and it hopped up and started to act like a real cat. An orange one. I randomly remembered I needed to pick my girlfriend up at work, so I hopped in my car and started to drive there, but she was already in it, so I asked her if she wanted to go to Zyla's instead of home from work, and she got really excited and said yes.

We got there and there was all kinds of rainbow stuff everywhere, so we were really happy. We were looking at these beaded curtain strands, and at first they were 25 cents each. When we had picked 25 or so out, this old lady wandered over and changed the price to 2 bucks a strand, and told us that we had touched them so we had to buy them. So naturally, my girlfriend brutally murdered her. Veh.

I noticed that her toe would most likely be a perfect match for my grandmother, so I lopped it off, and got back in the car. For some reason, though I had driven perfectly from home to Zyla's, it turned into a driving lesson, and I kept asking my girlfriend (who I guess was named Lu) if I was doing everything right. She eventually fell asleep, and then kind of wasn't in the dream anymore.

So I got back home and find out that my grandmother's toe had grown back, and I got really really irrationally angry and dumped the entire contents of my sealed box into the toilet and began furiously attempting to flush them all down. They kept getting jammed, and I was outrageously terrified that I would get caught for having body parts in my house. I got really really really scared when I found out that there was a clear 'processing' tank in the linen closet that basically sorted through everything that wasn't traditionally supposed to go into toilets for 'review' by the sanitation board. I freaked out and started looking for other ways to dispose of the stuff, and then I woke up.

It was horrifying. It also made me oversleep. Oh well. Hopefully I'll have time to write about the cool dream I had recently soon.

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