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i dreamed last night..

..that I was in highschool, and I had this awful teacher. He was slowly seducing every female member of our class. He ended up raping several of them, but none of them wanted to tell anybody because he was terrifying.

One of the girls, who was a very close friend of mine in the dream, suddenly disappeared without a trace. I knew in my heart that he had killed her, but I needed to prove it.

After a while he started hitting on me, and buying me stuff and giving me parts in the school play.. and I figured it was a good oppurtunity to prove that he had killed my friend.

For some reason, I ended up at a strange indoor flea market that had primarily goth/punk oriented stuff. There were all kinds of pretentious goth girls running around, so I quickly bought some 'goth' clothes and dressed up like that. I was 'undercover' as I very loudly informed a couple of my friends.

I bumped into the teacher as I had expected for whatever reason and he was like, 'Lovely clothing, Robin. Let's go someplace quiet.' so he took me to his car. My friends 'Ninja' (who was really Shawn Creeden), SACK, Ryan and Jay followed close behind us and when he started to make his move on me, the four of them jumped him. I found my friend's wallet in the back of his car, and we called the police. He pulled out a gun and shot at me five or six times, but didn't hit me at all.

Then we went through the trial process and stuff.. It was really long, complicated and entirely bizarre.

For some reason it all seemed really familiar. Like I've dreamt it before or something, but I don't know why. It was way more organized and linear than most of my dreams. Usually they're all over the place.. But this one followed a theme all the way through. I'll probably try to make it into a story sometime. Marh.

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