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and the other day..

I've told almost everyone I see all the time about this dream already, but I'll record it here too. So I don't forget. It's pretty amusing to me.

My friend Jason came to visit me from Maine and we were all hanging out in my room. But it was my room from my old house. So anyway, we randomly decided that we should probably make out for a while, but neither of us could remember how. We got frustrated, and Jason suggested we go to get NAD's birthday presents for him instead of trying to remember.

So, we went to this place that was like Wal Mart only less brightly-lit. It reminded me of the Penny's that we used to go to in Tennessee, or something. So we went to the ninja section, and got him a grappling hook and several other ninja-themed things. (Yeah, ninjas are big in my dreams lately. Zany.) I got really excited because I knew NAD needed new ninja gear for Ninja School, which he was starting in the fall.

After that, Jason dropped me off at my highschool for some reason. When I got there, they were rehearsing for a play that we hadn't rehearsed for in over 6 months, so no one knew the lines any more. The director decided we were probably prepared enough and informed us that there was an audience of 600 people on the other side of the curtain, and we had 8 minutes to get into costume. I was pissed off, but luckily my parts weren't until the 8th act. Veh.

I had three parts. I was a little mouse with a singing part, and Little Bo Peep AND her Sheep. I never got to be the mouse because they cut that scene at the last minute because the set caught on fire and we couldn't use it. So I put on the Bo Peep/Sheep costume, which was gigantic and very very cumbersome.

When it was my turn to be on, I didn't know ANY of my lines, because as I said we hadn't rehearsed in a billion years. My friend Aimee and I got out there and sort of huddled and decided to instead sing a song and dance. Our song was, 'IIIII QUIT! I QUIT! IQUITIQUITIQUIT! I QUIT, I MOTHERFUCKING QUIIIIIIIIT!!' and we got a standing ovation.

After the play was 'over' we were on a bus home, and Aimee and I were happily recalling how great we were. The entire cast jumped us and beat the crap out of us for ruining their play. Then I woke up.

It was so completely strange.
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