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Pilgrimage to Jenna.

Okay, so this dream was a couple of days ago, but that's okay. I sort of haven't had much time to relate the wackiness. I shall do so now.

My store closed due to legal trouble (which is a good possibility within the next couple of years) and I decided to go to London on a pilgrimage to Jenna Jameson's house. I don't think she really lives there, but hey, it was a dream. Anyway, for some reason I had to trek through Japan to get there and all kinds of wacky stuff happened. I tried to get into this restaurant there and the two bouncer guys (which were really small Japanese guys wearing pink tuxes) wouldn't let me in because I was 'as the french say, "tres dorky"' or something, but they said it in a really heavy Japanese accent. But I busted through and met up with these other pilgrims, and we went shopping at Japan's biggest Hello Kitty Home Furnishing Outlet. For some reason we all broke out into this stunning song all about Hello Kitty that I think probably doesn't exist. And then several members of my pilgrimage party died in some flood and I was suddenly in London.

And Jenna owned an adult video store. I was hired on the spot.

Then for whatever reason, it flashed forward to me applying at a third adult shop somewhere near here. This place was like 'deluxe' or something. They had an entire bachelor party area on the top floor with a pool and shit like that. I dunno.. It was weird. I remember something about the bathrooms, but I'm not sure what about them.

There were cats, too.

I guess the dream itself wasn't so strange.. But when I woke up, I was totally drained. My legs and knees ached like they would if I walked like, a mile or something. They were all crampy and stuff. That sucked a whoooole lot. Yeah, that's all. Woo.
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